Mid way through planning my Husband and I met with Raphael. We ate at Dave and Busters in Long Island and had a great conversation and Husband loved him. I originally found him on Wedding Wire while looking up African American DJ’s. I wanted to make sure he was going to play all music from Soca, Reggae and Hip hop and Pop and House/Club. I like ALL music. I wanted it all. LOL. My Husband’s families and I are from St. Lucia and St. Kitts and we also had a bunch of older folks and a few children. I wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Raphael did just that! He also made sure to play all of our requests even though we gave it to him like the day before the wedding. (What a crazy wedding week!) To be honest, this part of the night was a blur. (Thank god I have film!) I do remember dancing and getting down but to say I remember every single song and all details I’d be lying. I was on such a high off life. (I only had 2 drinks the whole night because I was busy having fun!)
But the overall feeling of our reception was live! I was getting down and sweating and my husband’s grandma even told me she thought I had no bone in my body because I was wining up a storm, lol! Even my mom (who is in a wheel chair) got up out the chair and shook her groove thing. It was some party and I’m glad we chose Raphael because music is such an important part of the day and he made our party memorable!

DJ Speex, Master of Ceremonies and Disk Jockey
2017 Music Mixed Intelligently